Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

In today’s world, social media is widely used by businesses and business professionals. This is due to the rapid development of technology. It enables the use of internet to its full potential. As a result, individuals can create blogs, customized websites, online shops/businesses, customized advertisement banners, informational websites, and etc.

Instead of the old ways of doing advertisement and promotions, businesses have focused more resources in search engines and social media. They have found these new tools easier to track the effectiveness of their advertisements hence they more measurable in terms of dollar value spent. The traditional Television ads are harder to track and measure, and consumers tend to switch channels if the ads come on. Businesses usually can not determine whether the higher revenue generated is from which Television ads with which Television station. Hence, it is very tough to justify whether the money is well spent.

As per The 5 Cool Scoial Media Tools To Expand Your Small Business, the following tools can help online businesses to monitor and generate traffic to their websites.

1)    Monitter –  It is like a turbo-charged search engine for Twitter. This free, web-based program allows you to track your mentions, your hashtag trends and even your competitors’ trends over a comprehensive multi-column interface, all in real time. So if you want to see who’s tweeting about your company, just enter your Twitter handle, grab yourself a cup of coffee and watch the hits come rolling in.

2)    Social Q&AIt encourages this sort of goodwill by prompting customers to answer a series of questions through an interface during checkout. They can read other customer reviews to help them make a purchasing decision, or they can post their own reviews and send them out over multiple social networks with the click of a button

3)    Sprout Social – It is an all-inclusive management suite for your different social networks. Not only can you monitor your mentions on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp! and more, you can schedule posts and view detailed analytic reports as well. There’s even a “Discover” feature that will suggest who your company should follow or unfollow

4)    Workface – It adds an additional layer of realtime communication on top of your existing social media, making it easy for customers to reach out to you

5)    Disqus – Disqus is a must-have addition for any small business blog. This nifty, free service turns your comments section into a social conversation. After users create a Disqus account, they can take the comments they leave on your blog and repost them to their various social networks. They can also “like” other comments and subscribe to your blog as wel

In addition to tools for businesses, as per Cindy King, there are also social media tools for business professionals.

1)    Google+ – It works similar to Linkedin but it allows users to separate their professional circles from their friends circle. It is like a combination of the functions of both Facebook and Linkedin.

2)    Linkedin – It is a professional social network that allows business professionals to post not only the traditional resume but also new sections that are usually not included in resumes. It helps candidates to keep their connections with colleagues, ex-colleagues, managers, ex-managers, customers for future references. It also allows recruiters to search for potential candidates and see more about in candidates than just contents on the resumes. Recruiters can see recommendations from real references and promote job opportunities to the candidates they see fit. It is widely used by both candidates and recruiters on a daily basis.

3)    Twitter – It allows friends, family and other professionals to know your thoughts at certain moments. It is a great tool to promote and advertise your ideas and thoughts online but you need to be careful of what you write because everyone can follow you. Your words may turn against you if they are not appropriate for business purpose.

The video, The Social Media Revolution 2012: Why Social Business Matters, shows the shift to social media and how it impacts the world.

We are currently living in the Internet age. It is very important to understand how the social media work to promote and advertise yourself or your business online before unwanted and unexpected damages incurred.


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